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[MOD] Faster Everything! (Download available!)

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This is NOT my mod! The mod was made by the Steam user BOSS 7 years ago.

I only tested it, made a new (in my opinion) better cover image for it, searched for a (again, in my opinion) better description of what it does, added a few lines of compatibility code into the modinfo and edited the mod description in-files to make it more descriptive. That's all.

New description by Steam user Ultroman The Tacoman:
Just FYI, this mod is NOT a duplicate of "PickyPickyPicky" or "Quick Pick" . Where those two only affect pickable things like plants, this mod directly replaces the "dolongaction" action, which IS used for the pickable things, BUT IS ALSO used for things like healing, cooking, checking traps, shaving, sewing, etc. In other words, this mod is the full package of doing everything faster, not just picking plants.

Original description:
You can fast pick everything. Your build, harvest, cook, research etc. action is fast.

You can download the mod from Steamworkshop here.

But I've also added it as a file if you want to download on this page.

Faster Everything.zip

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