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What is acceptable by Klei and what is frowned uppon? (Skin mod)

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[TL:DR] I am going to make a mod to give me plenty of variety in the designs i can work with, as I am going towards mega basing and I want my base to represent me, and the official skins are limited, so I want to decorate my base with my own art. How far can I go?
Long Version:
I've looked far and beyond, about finding what are klei's policies on the subject of skin mods. 
Things I've found so far is that there is a possibility of skinning official prefabs, but as the mod keeps warning me in my console, I need to contact Hornet, aka the developer of the modded skin API. which i will do when my mod is in a state of release.
Also, I am fine with making my own prefabs. But can I just copy Klei's prefabs for the sole purpose of changing their skin? Is that acceptable by Klei? Lets say I want to make a new alchemy engine skin, can I just make my own alchemy engine (By just copying the AE prefab file) and put my skin on it?
The matter gets more sensitive when it comes to making textures similar to the ones klei has.
Take the fantasy set for example. It is extremely similar to the style that I want, as I am a cottage-core builder in minecraft, that's the style that appeals to me. but the original set doesn't involve everything. I have designed my own fully functioning version of the fence gate that is inspired by the Klei's fantasy fence skin, it also include's some of the elements from the original texture (through screenshots and photoshop edits) because the gate needed to look integrated into to the fence. Is such an example acceptable by Klei to be published? Or I should keep such assets private?
Another case is editing the actual, vanilla, classic assets that are freely available to us. Let's say I want to make a science machine that is over run by vines and flowers. I have to use the OG science machine, and integrate the style into that. is that okay?

And also, a part of my mod will be adding something like 30 different lamp posts to the game. The arts are either OG arts done by me, free art available online, my friends' arts, and some freely available textures from some minecraft mods that i need to edit to fit into this game. Eventho they are an extension of the mushlight, I inevitably need to make my own prefabs for them cause my animations wont fit the OG mushlight animation, so i can't make them a skin for the OG prefabs.

Is such a mod acceptable by Klei? I would appreciate it if someone can help me understand what are Klei's red lines so I dont cross them while making my mod.

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Klei never said no. Except for violent disobedience like selling skins. Community rule is not to reskin character, items are OK. Also Hornet just make their mod more modlike. It is a obvious attempt. Common skin APIs only want to erase the difference between mod skins and official skins. If there is something to emphasize, don't borrow official artwork, be creative.

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