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As the game progresses and adds new content and mechanics to the game, the need for a QoL for Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png increases. If you asked me, which mechanic had the most impact on her gameplay, I would say planar damage, which for a glass cannon like her, impacts much more. This and other things I would like to present as QoL suggestions, such as new structures, clocks and buffs.

This is not a skill tree post, it is just focused on QoL based on my experience playing +400 hours irl just with her.


Creating a structure that looks like an hourglass. Its function is to store life time by interacting with the right mouse button, making it easier for the player to be at the age you want. The deposited time can be recovered by interacting with the button left mouse button.

Structure considerations:

  • Can be destroyed normally like any other structure by Hammer image.png.d3d96d95d3f14644ac9a5aed320d0687.png, boss, Antlion earthquake image.png.19d50cfade7e43e3f5510a693d06c870.png , etc;
  • Cannot block other mobs;
  • Can only be used out of combat (If a Hound image.png.d1aea7da9c306415791ab881ed95139c.png attack is about to happen, Interaction can still occur, once the player enters the battle, it can no longer be done);
  • The maximum age it can absorb is 45 years since a young Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png at 20 would need another 45 years to reach age 65;
  • By right clicking on the structure, She would instantly deposit 10 years and the structure would continue draining age from it while interacting with it.
  • When clicking with the left, the opposite of what was said above would happen or until it ends the age deposited;
  • When reaches 65 years old, the structure immediately stops draining her life and from that age onwards,  elderly Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png is unable to put in any more time;
  • The structure would look like a Marble image.png.080dfd09d61dfa777b5b364deb64a64e.png base with an hourglass floating above this base. At the base, there would be a meter identical to She's age meter. at the base of the structure but more simplified (without the last segment since the structure only absorbs 45 years) with a pointer indicating the time it stores;
  • Bonus/extra function: once created, the structure starts storing time naturally as the days in the game pass, with a limit of 45 years. Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png  could use of that time and create an item called bottled time, a stackable item that can be used to have a Heal over Time effect for her (basically Jellybeans image.png.475143578b89230f7a65eecac64c6e11.png that heals for a maximum of 45 years over time).
  • Materials to craft the structure: 2 Marble image.png.080dfd09d61dfa777b5b364deb64a64e.png, 1 Time Piece image.png.b1e672a55febde1425ed48f2132c16f8.png, 2 Moon Shards image.png.393c827532f699acdd025f2179fb1443.png.
  • Materials for crafting bottled time: 1 Empty Bottle image.png.b1c1ff9c4e6c4af857871a31137331a1.png, the structure must have accumulated 45 years that may have been deposited by character herself or that she accumulates naturally.


Another Structure: a Watchmaker's Workbench to store Wanda's image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png watches as well as materials that can be used in the manufacture of watches. This structure is directly inspired by Wickerbottom's image.png.adb03814d64c6054c6caf21c8b0558ee.png structure, Bookcase image.png.274f91d54f9b3f1c1ace7b1c673d55c0.png. Even if not have as much variety in watches as Wickerbottom image.png.adb03814d64c6054c6caf21c8b0558ee.png has in books, Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png crafts several watches, whether for teleportation or even creating several Ageless Watch image.png.eb721d123f721094a01773090a3a6a13.png and having a healing burst at the base preventing me from having to create multiple chests to store clocks.

Structure considerations:

  • It has 2 types of storage, these being:
  1. 20 clock slots (just like the Bookcase image.png.274f91d54f9b3f1c1ace7b1c673d55c0.png);
  2. 1 drawer with 8 slots that accept the following materials: Time Pieces image.png.b1e672a55febde1425ed48f2132c16f8.png, Marble image.png.080dfd09d61dfa777b5b364deb64a64e.png, Red Gem image.png.7cd8e1f72223410f17483fa115bc82bf.png, Living Logs image.png.15894a72bfb24a8233c37f6a96043945.png, Bone image.png.4c46f98f7839b57c0b2fe968d5043fd5.png, Gold image.png.c9f8df6ec08feefe0232af3f447312c4.png, Walrus Tusk  image.png.4ee43d2ae4541bd13a6bedb67e7889c9.png and Nightmare Fuel image.png.6bd09bb97a39ebe13e2850ada7729f8b.png, totaling 8 items;
  • The structure can store more than one stack of material as long as they are of the same materials needed to make watches;
  • If Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png uses a Backtrek Watch image.png.7a4734bba32a3868206e587a39d5af9c.pngimage.png.aed5110cdb4cf002b4b235d9acdc0bf1.png inside this structure, its CD time will be 4 min (originally the CD is 8 min);
  • Materials to craft the structure: 4  Boards image.png.b1dd1c4a0d14cc9a6b8e7b9e7fe0d830.png , 2 Nightmare Fuel image.png.6bd09bb97a39ebe13e2850ada7729f8b.png, 1 Clockmaker's Tools image.png.2faf9b76d7c469f56da72f36510ef51c.png;
  • When She is close to the Watchmaker's Workbench, it's possible to craft Time Pieces image.png.b1e672a55febde1425ed48f2132c16f8.png without the use of Clockmaker's Tools image.png.2faf9b76d7c469f56da72f36510ef51c.png.

This structure would allow enormous agility in the character's gameplay, not only because it would reduce the CD of certain watches, but all the necessary materials for them would be close (just as I imagine a watchmaker's bench should be). However... this structure creates a problem that perhaps whoever is main Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png already realized: if the structure only accepts clocks, how to identify all Backtrek Watch image.png.7a4734bba32a3868206e587a39d5af9c.png? We used items next to them to relate where to go. Even on the ground we could do this, but how to solve this problem? Simple, with the next item that I'm going to say now.

Note: this problem could also be solved if, by default, we could rename the Backtrek Watch image.png.7a4734bba32a3868206e587a39d5af9c.png the moment we activate it to mark the location of teleportation (something similar to when we place a Signimage.png.7ea8d9be577908bf66bb24bc128f77ff.png , but here they are clocks). Anyway, let's move on to the next item:


Name tags! Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png could create Name tags using Papyrus image.png.212e940af2ccd4c69990ff9ffc43b752.png adding it to a watch (similar to putting a Purple Gem image.png.4a9b0e77111d08b84cd4ed0d25959f42.png on the Backtrek Watch image.png.aed5110cdb4cf002b4b235d9acdc0bf1.png) and that's it, you rename it to where it teleports you. As I said in the paragraph above, this is completely disposable with the implementation of other solutions.


A new watch: Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png would be able to create another watch that would allow her to create a AoE where it was activated leaving mobs within that zone in a kind of slow motion while the field effect lasts. I got this idea while playing Wormwood image.png.c539bc02385eaf18c47dc38b0689521e.png. Making mobs go to sleep is extremely valuable in battles such as Ewecus image.png.3d756af3f1634068fee01bbcb71ab356.png, Bee Queen image.png.696d25ec214e9c6b7e0b3642d338ebed.png, Hounds image.png.d1aea7da9c306415791ab881ed95139c.png attack in general, among others. So I thought about what it would be like for her to have a way of crowd control and that's where this watch came from.
Watch Considerations:

  • She would have two charges being able to activate two slow motion fields if she wants;
  • The time the field lasts would be the same as Wormwood image.png.c539bc02385eaf18c47dc38b0689521e.png can create with his mushrooms;
  • The recharge time of each charge of the watch would be twice as long as the field lasts, that is, if the field lasts 10 seconds, the time for a charge to return would be 20 seconds;
  • Possibility of not having animation locked as happens in Ageless Watch image.png.eb721d123f721094a01773090a3a6a13.png;
  • Materials to craft the Watch: 2 Time Pieces image.png.b1e672a55febde1425ed48f2132c16f8.png, 2 Dreadstone image.png.c2ae9bd416f9efd2155497e95a05011f.png, 1 Orange Gem image.png.b22c63396689a05e1a9d64471f2fbcee.png;

New way of interacting with watches: As Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png (possibly) gains new ones powers through watches, managing them in the inventory can start to take a toll. Thinking in this, and combining the Watchmaker's Workbench that I mentioned above, a new item that to facilitate this management came to me: a remote way of accessing the workbench.
Considerations about the item:


  • Although multiple items like this can be crafted, they all point to the same Watchmaker's Workbench that the player needs to choose;
  • If the player has several workbenches, he needs to choose which bench this item would be linked and if he wants to change bench this item points it would be necessary to deconstruct this item using the Watchmaker's Workbench or Clockmaker's Tools image.png.2faf9b76d7c469f56da72f36510ef51c.png and craft it again and then choose the workbench;
  • It is only possible to access stored watches, not drawer items;
  • Crafting new watches is not possible with this item;
  • Materials to craft the Item: Spark Ark image.png.c8dd9fa4a42c5214fce9abdc91426cfb.png (the Full version), 4 Pure Brilliance image.png.f87f7ad7a618ba563e9c481394ca4c50.png;

Talking quickly about a mechanic that was introduced recently: Acid Rain. This mechanic, as soon as it happens in the caves, automatically puts Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png under pressure, because, her Ageless Watch image.png.eb721d123f721094a01773090a3a6a13.png does not work properly because it is an DoT. My suggestion would be, when dropping Umbralla image.png.a49b169a32612a3ef4f563735a3fb385.png, it would automatically activate the field force. In fights, as soon as Acid Rain starts, I would have to distance myself from the mobs that I'm fighting, kite them away from the Umbralla image.png.a49b169a32612a3ef4f563735a3fb385.png and only then activate the force field. This is all with my life being drained even more. Items like Lantern image.png.8ce2ba4730117d80c329065a2dffa67b.png and Ice Flingomatic image.png.bf660c298d7bbcc7048bfcbc9b8811cf.png, by default, they already fall to the ground/are created already "activated". Anyway, for the last part of this post:


The last QoL I imagine is a watch, but not the creation of a new one, but a buff. After the update, planar damage was introduced into the game, I believe that Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png suffered much more than the other characters because she was a character of the glass cannon. With the addition of new bosses that have planar damage, not just armor it is essential that it has planar defense, but also healing and I believe that the Ageless Watches image.png.eb721d123f721094a01773090a3a6a13.png are not keeping up with the potential damage that could be suffered. Not only the planar damage, but large amounts of damage in a short period of time such as two hits from an Armored Bearger image.png.381a274aa49da41293cbaa7df653b6fa.png in succession, the Possessed Varg's image.png.0dd1f4ce8848676cff40f7825ca41a94.png ice breath, Crystal Deerclops image.png.9065129e5d53002f473293ab68350558.png throwing two icicles and Rasp image.png.88ef9e87edc4229317eaea378c1b8c81.png which can deal immense amounts of damage in just one slip. Because of this, I thought about a panic button, but no like: "Oh no! I'm surrounded by shadow creatures... Anyway, Backtrek Watch image.png.7a4734bba32a3868206e587a39d5af9c.png." It would be something more focused on healing and it would be to buff Second Chance Watch image.png.f4656541c36534c8e3435806da4d88c6.png. First of all, it's a great item when is played with friends, but if you're a solo Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png player like me, you might already have asked why craft this watch and not a Life Giving Amulet image.png.faaa0a871119b143d1d242788918e8eb.png. Playing alone, both have the same purpose: to revive and to craft the Second Chance Watch image.png.f4656541c36534c8e3435806da4d88c6.png, you still need to go to the caves to make more Time Pieces image.png.b1e672a55febde1425ed48f2132c16f8.png(assuming you are saving the 3 you have at the beginning for the Alarm Clock image.png.643d41c9e64c938027b6a0a6b1ae507b.png). What did I imagine as a buff? is the ability to use Second Chance Watch image.png.f4656541c36534c8e3435806da4d88c6.png to heal all damage taken in last 5 seconds and this being an AoE.

Considerations about the item:

  • The existing functions of the watch remain the same, this is another extra to what he does;
  • Once this AoE heal is used, if the player has been healed through this method, he receives a debuff that lasts 4 minutes, preventing that player from benefit from this effect again. The debuff is shown on the player's default day clock game. For example, if a character receives a heal in this way and it was midday, so a red marker would appear pointing to 6 o'clock (remembering that a day in DST lasts 8 minutes), the debuff would only end when the pointer of the game's standard days passed this debuff pointer making the debuff pointer disappear;
  • If Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png activates this effect, if a player has not received any damage within 5 seconds, he is simply not healed and consequently, does not receive any debuff;
  • This function would not make the watch go into CD so the revive function is still available, the "CD" of this ability would be in the debuff if the character was healed, furthermore, this allows Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png to use this watch function multiple times on different targets that either have not suffered any damage in the last 5 seconds or they were out of range when Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png activated the first time;
  • If Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png used this effect without taking any damage, she would still receive the debuff due to the fact that she is constantly suffering damage from the character's own mechanics and the healing would be equivalent to the damage she suffered naturally for the 5 seconds that passed, to prevent this from occurring, the watch would only heal her  if the damage from the last 5 seconds aren't equivalent to the damage Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png naturally suffers to avoiding situations where one Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png uses the watch and heals the damage another Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png suffered naturally causing both with a 4-minute debuff;
  • Healing cannot be canceled like when using the Ageless Watch image.png.eb721d123f721094a01773090a3a6a13.png while if you are cold or taking damage from fire/heat or any other instance of damage during healing;
  • If Wanda image.png.fe145e1db13b1db974d9f1edf03820a6.png, who is being healed by this method, receives any damage, this damage will not would nullify the healing, and yes, it reduces the healing she is receiving, for example, if she will receive 30 years of healing, and takes damage equivalent to 20, so her healing is only 10 years old and not completely negated like in Ageless Watch image.png.eb721d123f721094a01773090a3a6a13.png.
  • The animation to use this effect, in theory, should be fast since it is a "panic button" in times when an immense amount of damage has been received.

And that's it! These were my QoL suggestions for the character. I would like to emphasize once again that the Devs think about this of how planar damage affects the character and develop mechanics that help her mitigate this based on her own
her characteristics.
I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing this post. I have some ideas
to her talent tree, but I want to see what Klei has in store for her.

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