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On topic of Wigfrid battlesongs

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I'm so ready for people to say how situational and fine they are. 

Battle Stingers simply has no use, while it sounds so good on paper, like very nice crowd control, there is no mob and situation to use them on.
Have you seen WIgfrid players using them other than on Bee Queen or Ancient Fuelweaver? Even on these fights, there is much better options then tanking/wasting hits to cast it, Elding Spear for example.

Startling Soliloquy: panic doesn't cancel mobs attack, if you try to cast it in the middle of crowd, they're gonna hit you anyway when debuff is already applied on them, then start running around dodging your hits
Rude Interlude: I hope you understand, that to take aggro from your team, you need to fight someone and be in radius for it to work. Can't take boss aggro which makes it completely unusable in serious fights. Save teammate when mob is chasing them? Just hit it and kill. When crowd is large, targeted person will run away from radius

Fighting Words skill exist only for synergy with beefalo, so how about it will make Battle Stingers actually good for fighting?
Since main problem is that there is no time to use them in fight, with skill she could have faster casting animation similar to angry/fistshake emote, or being able to use them while blocking with Battle Rond(that can go to other skill)

Startling Soliloquy: "A performance so good, it's scary", let it actually scare some mobs. Friendly creatures run away and aggressive are forced to taunt at the start or end of panic. Hounds could be stuned like Red Firecracker from Lunar New Year does 
Rude Interlude"Throw a verbal tomato", let it throw.. an actual tomato? Just 1 damage every second for 5 seconds in total to mob/boss that would make them not lose aggro from Wigfrid

Bel Canto of Courage"Show no fear!", let it have less 50% sanity gain while being affected by enlightment(lunar biome or moonstorm)
Other forgotten song that could have some lovebeing extremely situational and only worth for Ancient Fuelweaver. 
Not a lot of mobs have strong insanity, but the opposite enlightment is pretty problematic for Wigfrid with passive sanity recovery.
This would make have more situations thats all!

Hear me out, Rifts have 3 phases, Wigfrid have 3 inspiration tresholds for buff battlesongs.
While rift is active her inspiration won't drop from treshold based on rift phase. My reasoning is that rift mobs give too little inspiration for her to have battlesongs on while fighting, even mutant bosses(which just don't give time for it with crazy attack windows!) 

It's not something extra new, but such minor changes can give character more ways to play, more tactics. While it doesn't have to be the best option, it shouldn't be completely useless.Can only hope for sailing skills for her, but we get what we get, Battle Call Canister fix already made battlesongs so much enjoyable to use! 
(sorry for bad editing I just know that no ones gonna read that ;) )

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