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Please for the love of god, just make it possible to fill up holes in one go.

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I mean I don't think it's that hard, complex, or game breaking.

Just make it so construction errands to not activate when it blocks pathing for another construction errand.

So let's say if you have tiles with 2 height and 100 width and fill it up with 200 tile construction errand, it will only do farthest two (which should probably be checked for storage or even dupe bedroom, I don't know), each by each, until entire 200 tiles are constructed.

It'll even save dupes from trapping/entombing themselves, as it's impossible to be trapped when there is no space.

and even if it is resource-intensive, it's worth having as a checkbox, I'd rather wait for 10 seconds every time construction errands finishes/placed, than just manually micromanaging construction errands and place it 100 times (literally 100 times, there is no other way, LITERALLY NOTHING for now).

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1 hour ago, SGT_Imalas said:

it is

Whether it is or not, doesn't really care tbh.

Thought it's a simple thing as I've seen it in fair amount of other games, and even this game still calculate pathfinding 24/7 anyways.

Hell if it's actually "too hard", just give players sequential construction instead, basically a strict priority system which forces dupes to construct tiles in determined order, like "build wires, pipes, vents, THEN build tiles, and only after that start constructing machines", at least that way I don't need to wait for dupes to finish each 2 tiles of construction and give them orders 100 times.

Or even add a machine that builds every tiles within 10, 20 30 or even 100 range, ignoring line of sight, literally anything that stops me from micromanaging dupes 100 times works.

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2 hours ago, SGT_Imalas said:

it is

Simplest way: next to priority have a checkbox for "build only in order placed" All construction with the same priority with this checked will be built in the order placed by the player.

More complex way: hidden priority system that checks if finishing construction will make any other construction inaccessible. Prevent dupes from constructing that piece. Add this as reason it's not being done, similar to how errands will say inaccessible, requires skill, or out of materials.

Neither is all that complicated.

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Yes, same with deconstructing things. I feel a decent solution would be to prevent (de)construction errands that block access to other errands upon completion, though even it would spawn some problems. I feel the go-to way for now would be a mod like chained deconstruct or something, but in reverse.

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