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See Construction Info While Constructing

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When I'm trying to replace certain blocks using certain displays, I wind up having to move in and out of displays constantly, just to figure out info in other displays.  It'd be useful to have the game let me see information at the time I'm trying to use it.

For example: When I'm placing a new block/pipe/vent, I don't see what material the surrounding things are made out of.  I have to switch displays, memorize where the e.g. Granite ones are, and switch back to what I was doing, often repeatedly.  When I'm trying to dig slime, if I'm not in the Germ display, it doesn't give me any clues that the block I'm about to dig has slime germs (not all slime does), so I have to switch between germ display and whichever display I'm using while digging.  When I'm trying to deconstruct blocks, it's sometimes hard to tell which blocks have other blocks behind them, and I wind up switch to Vent, Plumbing, and Electric Grid to make sure that the area I'm clearing doesn't have things I'm going to mess up.

It would be nice to be able to see the type of material when I hover over a block/element -- not just the type of material I'm using, but the one I might be uprooting or trying to line up with.  It would be nice to see a little germ symbol on a germy block no matter which screen I'm trying to dig from.  It would be nice to see a thin grid showing where the wires, plumbing, and vents go, all at once, in some display, so that I can route some of my construction around the whole thing instead of having to switch a bunch of screens and memorize part of the layout.  (I have aphantasia -- a very low ability to picture visual data in my head -- so it's hard for me to compare things I'm not seeing at the same time.)

P.S. In the germ display, I'd also like to be able to switch which germ I'm looking for (e.g. show me only Slimelung right now) and maybe an intensity meter (e.g. at full contrast, any block with even 1 germ shows as bright red, so I'm not hunting around zoomed in trying to carefully vet every block of air).

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First thing I do when I load a game is press X and switch deconstruct to "buildings" for the default overlay so I don't accidentally rip out wires and plumbing. I'd love for this to persist between saves actually.

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