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Improve Woodie Weregoose skills

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The weregoose has very weak skills. They are often useless skills, so here are needed improvments:


Weregoose I: Perfect no need for changes.

Weregoose 2: This skill is fundamentally useless. There is almost no scenario in the game that you will be running into enemy attack ranges as the goose. Only potential scenario is against ranged mobs. Not sure how to improve it, maybe Woodie also moves faster for a bit after dodging? It may need a rework.

Weregoose 3: Not very worth it. It is too situational and the existing wetness protection is enough. It can be improved by allowing Woodie to move faster while on the water or in the rain.

Mastery: Goofy, but most the time teleporting is not worth it. It can be improved in many ways, there should be a way to control it even if it goes against the description. (E.g right clicking on explored areas of the map or octovigis)

Selecting the Weregoose mastery locks you out of the other masterys, so it should be powerful.


I hope Klei thinks of doing small needed tweaks to skill trees here and there to spice things up.

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