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Thanks klei


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Really love that Don't starve got such a massive update this year. It desperately needed a good bug fix and it feels great so far. Almost like a new game. Way less frustrating. 

_Thanks To The Team_

Only few things I've noticed since. 

RoG caves are still bad-floating objects in the void. And both player and Chester can be pushed out by mobs. Especially wolf spiders. 

Caves can cause the Season to change or reset. 

Sometimes you still get inaccessible islands, Without teleporting.

Kinda fun when attached by a wormhole though. Happens both above and below world.

Could be a great feature above world. Needing to use the wormhole for full map access.


_Additional notes_

Here's hoping for a amulet and backpack slot with limits. So maybe an accessory slot for either or.

Even if armor locks the backpack slot while equipped.  Being able to use "cloths" with it would be an excellent QoL.

I'd even craft a grass shirt if it was considered clothing.  

Also an infinite touchstone setting for casual play,  not playing hardcore one life on every world would be nice and less stressful sometimes. Even if it blocks experience or unlocking new characters in the world as a trade off.

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