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Nice option for Wendy's rework

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The natural function that Abigail should have is the ability to haunt specific objects like stars to extinguish them, spider cocoons to summon a Spider Queen them, and anything that might have some interesting effect when haunted. This function could be located under the right mouse button when we hover over specific objects. Klei Entertainment... do it!

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I think for affinities you should be able to use pure horror/brilliance  as a telltale heart and turn Abby into a black  silhouette of her human self with red details  or  blue silhouette with white details a larger sanity gain for Wendy and the ability to help with more the just fighting and her flower determines the shape of the silhouette with maybe different details  Also I think the knife she has in that  one image will be be use to sacrifice stuff to give Abigail  higher stats , or even new abilities

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