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Some gaming experiences and suggestions for updating new mechanisms regarding for DST

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After experiencing DST, I found that playing for a long time can be very boring in the latter half of the game, and the fun of the game decreases. Because after experiencing all the game content, the novelty disappears, and the game process lacks reproducibility. For example, in the early stage of exploring maps, in order to be efficient, it is necessary to explore separately from friends, otherwise resources will not be allocated enough. In the mid-term construction of the base, it requires all players to divide labor, one to farm, one to chop trees, and one to build. Although everyone plays together, they are all doing something separately, rather than multiple people working together, which will lead to a decrease in the experience of online games. But in the navigation content of DST, the gaming experience will be much higher. Because long-term navigation requires cooperation with teammates, one person controls the direction of the ship, and one person assists in setting sail and anchoring, repairing the ship, and adding fuel. This is a task that involves multiple people in navigation, which greatly enhances everyone's sense of participation and makes it more enjoyable. The original content of DST is more like separating players who are playing together into individual individuals. Once the novelty of game content disappears, the fun of the game will be lost.

Thank you very much for constantly updating the game, but most of your updates are focused on adding new content and adjusting character skills, or providing freshness by adding game content. I personally hope that you can increase the interaction and cooperation between players in the game.

For example, in DST, players can feed their teammates, which is a great design, but this type of feeding is rare. For example, after taming a cow, only one player can ride it. If it can be designed to have two players ride the cow together, it can add a lot of fun. On this mechanism, the movement speed of the slow-moving cow can be slightly reduced, but it can save more resources. One cow can be used by two people, and it is more convenient for two people to fight on the cow during battles. From this extension, it can be designed that in a two person bull riding battle, one person is responsible for attacking the target, while the other person is responsible for holding up a shield to block damage. This allows single person combat to shift from walking or standing and constantly attacking to cooperating with teammates. This way, the fun of the game and the experience of repeated gameplay will be greatly improved.

Following this train of thought, I hope you can join a new mechanism for mutual assistance. In the original DST content, you have rich fishing and farming mechanisms, which are very realistic and well done. But in terms of survival mechanism, any attack on a character only deducts their health, and they only need to eat food or use medication to restore their health. But we know that in reality, there are various complex situations when people get injured or sick. Perhaps we can draw some inspiration from the fact that character injuries may cause different types of negative effects. For example, eating stale food can lead to stomach problems, decreased work efficiency, and the need for specific medications to cure it. Under attack, it may cause fractures. Hand fractures can reduce attack power and work efficiency, while leg fractures can slow down movement or even prevent movement. At this point, the mutual assistance mechanism between players can play a role. Healthy players can provide assistance to injured players. Players with mild leg fractures can be lifted and moved by healthy players, while those with severe fractures can be carried by healthy players or equipped with stretchers, wheelchairs, and other props to take them away from the danger zone. If the player is a single player game, they can also make crutches or adrenaline to briefly restore mobility and escape traps. When the player's health is zero, in most cases they do not immediately die, but instead enter a near death state, and the target loses their hatred towards the near death player. Other healthy players can rescue and resurrect dying players.

When the player's rationality decreases, they can interact with other players to restore their rationality. The original DST version of the little boy telling stories in a fire pit is a good design. Similarly, we can design other similar interactive methods, such as inviting other players to dance, dancing around a campfire, or players can create instruments for performance, and so on.

In short, the core of the above designs is to increase mutual assistance and cooperation between players to jointly complete the same task and achieve the goals of survival and construction. After all, DST is an online game, and I hope this game can have a clear distinction from the single player version. On the basis of retaining the single player survival mode, we will add a multiplayer cooperation game mode, so that the game can avoid the situation where novelty disappears and becomes boring, and it is more in line with the theme of together. Thank you for your efforts, and I hope you can consider this design concept.

I am a Chinese player, and the above content is provided by translation software. The expression may not be accurate enough. Below is the original Chinese text. It would be great if you have staff who understand Chinese. Thank you again for your efforts, above all.







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