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QoL change for willow skill tree


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Can you please make it so the left directional pad will absorb the embers directly? The way it is we have to equip the lighter then go all the way to the right, then click absorb fire, then go all the way left to get back to tools. Controls are kinda clunky enough on controller so any added unnecessary clunkiness just feels way worse. 

The way it is now, left is reserved for lighting things but lighting stuff isn't hard anyway you can equip the lighter and press circle to set fires and when lighting something isn't even a possibility due to where you're standing the left dpad is sitting there unused.

I propose changing it so hitting left on the lighter will absorb fires so long as you have the ember skill selected and remove lighting fires with the lighter altogether, but it would also work if it simply prioritized absorbing fire if there are embers nearby. Thanks for the consideration, and well done with these skill trees klei.

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