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Brackwax cleaner should be buffed

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In most cases in this game, using "physics" solution to get a resource is more efficient than using a building for it, but significantly harder to set up (Such as petroleum boilers)

But In its current form, the Brackwax cleaner machine is completely outclassed, not only is it a late game resource which you can easilly get by dropping it into a steam room, which at that point in the game you probably have, and even if you don't, you can actually get it almost completely for free just by heating brackene with liquid tepidizer! Since it has boling temp of 80c, it is just enough  to boil brackene. And you get slightly more wax of it compared to the bulidng, which consumes a lot of power and also pretty slow.

In this case, it should either be harder to get wax out by boling, or the bulidng should give you better brackwax ratios and not the other way round.

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