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Feedback from latest playtest

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This was the first rotwood playtest Iv been a part of, so I wont make any comparisons of previous versions.
I should also mention, I only played the playtest solo (no multiplayer) so my thoughts and feedback will only pertain to this.
I mainly played on a PS5 controller so I but also dabbled a bit with mouse and keyboard.
And last but not least before posting my feedback. I love the game. its a definitive buy on release :)

1. Better Controller Support

There is a lot of things to clean up/improve here.

Some button prompts are incorrect, example: when buying items from the merchant it says to press R2, but is actually R1.

Overall menuing is a real hassle with controller. nothing is very intuitive, nor clearly shown what is currently highlighted.

You cant check your current powers with a controller during a play session! You can only use your mouse to hover over them to see what they do.
An easy solution to this would be to allow the player to open up and inventory menu while playing (would also be nice to be able to check your gear during a run, as you some times forget what the gear does)

An option to lock the analog stick to a 8-way directional movement would be a great addition.
If you want precise directional inputs right now you have to use the d-pad, witch in all honesty isn't very nice for these types of games.
Sometimes you want to move in a perfect straight line (horizontal or vertically) but its almost impossible with the analog stick during the heat of battle imo.

2. Lack of gear specific buffs/powers activation information

Gear that have buffs/powers that activates when you do certain things (dodge, run and so on) does not have any active icons or visual effects when playing, making it hard to know if you have successfully activated them.

3. More leaniant hit-streaks counters

As of now the hit-streak counter is a bit to strict imo.
Things like getting struck during an attack (that doesn't knock you down or interrupts your attack ) should not cancel the hit streak imo.
The reset timer is also a bit to strict imo. adding 1 sec extra would be enough imo! There are a bunch of nice powers that proccs from getting 5-10 hit-streaks, making them less fun when you basically have to be in the center of a group of enemies to activate it and praying you don't get hit or accidentally land to far away with your attack.

4. Hit-streak specific powers/buffes are bugged

Many of them only activate when hit the specific hit-streak combo number (lets say 10 hits) and then don't re-activate when you hit a 20-hit combo or 30-hit combo.
You have to stop the combo. wait until the hit-streak resets, and then do another 10-hit combo to activate the buff/power again.

5. Gear coloring

The current system for coloring your gear is down right awful. There is no sugarcoating this.

6. "Heavy" attacks

Heavy attacks, or other slow attacks that should cause knockdowns never feels as rewarding at light fast attacks.
Most of the heavy attacks have really bad AOE, and except for the two first areas in the game never cause any knockdowns to enemies.
They don't even interrupt most enemies attacks, making them feel even more useless.
They just leave you open for enemies attacks 9/10 times.
Heavy attacks needs some real TLC. And attacks/powers that should cause knockdown should also be heavily revised, because they basically don't work atm.

7. The weight system

Medium and heavy currently are not a viable option for solo players imo.
You become a sitting target, not able to avoid enemies attacks, nor able to to stack up any hit-streaks.
The gear it self does not even offer enough protection to offset all the damage you will receive while not able to evade attacks.


These are my main gripes with the game atm.

If i remember any more il update my list.



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