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Ideas for the character skins system

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First of all I would like to say, I very much like Don't Starve skin system for the characters. You get to dress them up as you please and there is quite a large variety of clothes to choose from. However, there are a few relatively small things that I would love to be implemented.

Well, it is one thing really. That thing is being able to equip belongings as cosmetics. Some belongings look really nice, but you rarely get to use them in game. I would love to be able to be able to wear my tophat skins as part of my character skin, without having to actually craft it. Does that make sense?

It would also apply to hand-held items and body armors. That would be awesome. I would love to be able to constantly have my Webrolly equipped without having to actually have an umbrella in my handslot, or being able to wear flower garlands without needing to craft one. Of course, the cosmetic hand-held item would be replaced by whatever item you decide to place in your armor or hand slots, but it'd still be nice!

It would also be nice if we were able to toggle on and off the visibility of our head and body slots, so you get to always enjoy the sight of your most fabulous outfit at all time. In the end, it would be kind of similar to Terraria I suppose? Where you are able to equip actual armor equipment as cosmetic, or being able to toggle on/off the visibility of the armor you're wearing. Except that you wouldn't have to actually craft said equipment, you could just equip it on your character in the inventory section.

I know this is a pretty small thing, but it would allow players to add even more customization for their characters, which is something I personally love in video games and I know lots of other people enjoy too.

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