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Wigfrid combat improvement

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I have some thoughts about wigfrid tree might improve her play style against certain bosses, for instance if Klei can make the shield be auto casted and no need for "the radiance lines" its saves me almost 0.5 sec from taking damage against Klaus double hit in the second faze. It also make it easier not to get confused what key to press because every second in fight matter specially for the shield reset if miss. The second thing I want to mention is let the bosses priorities aggression on wig with the shield, let me explain why? If I say we got 4 people fighting melee dragonfly, the fly aggression on other than wig then it switch back to wig with a shield, I shall lose my shield short cooldown before being damaged again. That all I have to say, I know it might be too late but I find combat animation with bosses is still tough to predict specially with others because it is a really short window to block.

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