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A Tale of Two Salty Sailors

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So, a friend and I decided to go sailing. He was Woodie and I was Wilson. We thought we had everything we needed, which was just a steering wheel and a mast. 

Then came the maiden voyage of our vessel. I unfurled the sail, and gave the wheel a spin to set it off. All went well. Until, of course, I finished the loop I had planned on making. My idea was to sail a small loop, then come back to shore. That’s what happened, too. Except, I didn’t realize that sails are quite hard to control. 



That is the sound of a boat hitting land sickeningly hard and springing a small leak. Not a problem, I thought.


I was wrong. I quickly rushed to the bee field, killed a bee, grabbed its stinger, then rushed back, crafting a patch on the way. I got to the boat, jumped on, frantically spammed the button, and…

I repaired the boat’s durability. 
So, I had to run back, get another stinger, and make ANOTHER boat patch. Sigh. 

So, with that out of the way, I thought we were ready. I crafted a deck illuminator for light, Woodie jumped on, and we bravely set sail. We traveled a mighty 200m, approximately, and met up with a branch of the same landmass we were already on. So we headed back to our base. As we came in, I realized “Hey, maybe we’re coming in a bit fast. I should slow down.”

It was too little, waaaay too late. 


Yet again, the boat crashed. Yet again, it sprung a small leak. Unfortunately, this time, it was joined by a large leak. We leaped onto the shore, watching our dreams sink in a pile of boards, rope, and silk. Right then, we decided to leave the ocean, boats, and sailing alone for a good while, until we could work up the materials to be safe in any eventuality. 

Thus ends the tale of two brave men of the sea. 

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20 minutes ago, Jakepeng99 said:

Need an anchor too lol

Yeah, afterwards I wondered whether we should have had an anchor, too. 

All in all, it was pretty humbling to realize that just because I’ve memorized half the wiki doesn’t actually mean that I have the ability to act upon that knowledge. 

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