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Story proggression Cyclum

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Lunar: Cheese defense from mobs via pathfinding glitches unless OP Wilson transmutation ➞ Do less fun ruins ➞  Do annoying quest ➞ Defeat moon boss but trolldespair ➞ Painful search to assemble celestial pieces ➞ Help sussy old man make machine to mess with Moon god ➞ Moon god slightly retaliates ➞ Sussy old man makes machine to mess with Moon god ➞ No substantial story proggression yet ➞ Moon god slightly retaliates ➞ Defeat 3 more Moon boss ➞ to be continued.


Shadow ➞ Defeat shadow boss ➞ Defeat shadow boss but stronger ➞ Defeat shadow boss but unfair ➞ [ REDACTED] ➞ Huge story elements but left ambiguous ➞ Defeat shadow boss ➞ repair eldritch gateway that you think will lead to something but it's for later ➞ Defeat extremely annoying shadow minibosses ➞ to be continued.

I wonder when we are gonna get the actual story moving forward. Atleast this year was really good gameplay wise (imo). But so far the only thing we have worthwhile in the story is the Fuelweaver with ancients and the [ REDACTED] arc. And im not saying the story isn't good i think it's phenomenal, im just saying the content in it has been lacking.

Edit: After reading it again some of this was too harsh for no reason so i trimmed some of it.

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31 minutes ago, Antynomity said:

The story has been lacking for quite a while now yeah, it's either Charlie walks around in convenient place or Wagstaff being up to no good for the most part.

What's bugging me is that Wagstaff has been building machines for some time and it still hasn't amount to much story wise. Turns out Alter is kind of a wuss. I wish they tied up the *Redacted* arc instead of thanos snapping it.  But that's not happening unless they can find a way to monetize it good.

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