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What a year !

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Merry Christmas everyone, I HAVE A CHRISTMAS HAT, LOOK!! And happy new year in advance, now to the subject :

What a year ! (roadmap 2023)

We got lunar rifts showing how the power of the moon is ready to corrupt the whole surface.

Shadow rifts revealing what Charlie found back in those archives : A plan to reconstruct this darn ancient gateway, that is still not fully operational...

Very controversial update n1 :Some skill trees for 3 characte- OH MY GOD MY BOI WORMWOOD CAN CREATE SALADMENDERS !

A small crossover, I like it. Cult of the Lamb x Don't Starve... I like those 2 turfs.

Oh wait, those Gestalts are infecting that corpse... AAA WHAT HAPPENED TO BEARGER, I JUST WANTED TO FARM SOME WOOD. My favorite update of this roadmap, hail yeah.

Very controversial update n2 : A skill tree for the warrior and the first Wanted Character in servers know for fire issues. Most of the time at least. And a sharkboiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

I love those updates, Klei >:( …. Keep up the amazing x999 work you're doing, happy holidays. The flower is out !




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