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Wortox skill tree idea

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Similar to how Wanda has a watch that creates a small temporary wormhole to a place that all survivors could go to, what if wortox could create a permanent wormhole that all survivors could use to teleport back and forth between places. It should be pretty expensive to make (maybe even requiring a walrus tusk to craft or something). It maybe even could be a ancient pseudoscience station craft. Basically.... PLEASE KLEI, I JUST WANT A PERMANENT WORMHOLE THAT ALL SURVIVORS CAN USE TO TELEPORT BETWEEN PLACES SO YOU CAN HAVE COOL SECTIONS OF YOUR MEGABASE DISCONNECTED FROM OTHERS AND TO SAVE TIME WITHOUT HAVING TO PLAY AS WANDA ALL OF THE TIME!!!!!   

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Wortox can craft something for soul storage with one the crafting materials is a Krampus sack

Wortox has a 1-25% chance of insta killing  enemies every time he hits them with his fist 

wortox  can have differentiating souls and can spawn soul followers

wortox has spells that consume souls

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