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Dark tatters/Brightshade armor and weapons changes

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The cooldown of the dark tatters armor+weapon can stay, but it needs to be longer, I don't want to fight a lunar aligned boss in the future where I can lose all my power POOF just like that.

I said in the suggestion thing a long time ago, that full set of [Brightshade/dark tatters] armor, can give a small invisible dash (Brightshade armor) and a big SLASH able to cut everything in a range and deal 95 damage MUAHAHA(dark tatters armor)[there's a cooldown with those 2 things obviously]

Also, I want to see more people using this shadow vs lunar thing. Kinda awkward to fight Brightshade stuff vs Brightshade stuff.

Brightshade bombs should be dark tatters bomb instead, hear me out, we saw gestalts going towards the player, which is why the Brightshade staff is correct. But dread mites are the perfect candidates to make throwable bombs. That is a very bonus change I want but I wanted to say it, yay.

Those are my changes. Too-doo-loo.

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