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Don't keep updating the game

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In short, please do not continue updating the game by adding content if since the Port came out it is a horrible experience, everyone who has tried it on Switch has had a bad taste in their mouths, if only they would fix the exaggerated delay when attacking and moving ...And maybe disable the 30fps solo limit since the game hits it perfectly without problems.

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Definitely a lot of issues. Your problem, I'm assuming, is you're playing with people that aren't near you.

When I host, others have a lot of delay when they're far from me. If they host I get delay.


When I play with others in the same region as me that delay is almost non existent and I can kite properly, but only if we're in the same region and they have a good connection as well.


You must also take into account some people are playing handheld and wifi so if you're joining someone's room and they're in a different country/far while playing handheld and with a poor wifi you're going to have a bad time and there's not much I think Klei can do. That's an issue with many Nintendo games.


But there are definitely other things they need to address

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