Three Worlds Synchronized

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At current, only possible via exploiting console commands, but some slight tweaks to default season lengths make for, IMO, a much improved experience, especially long term in linked worlds.

RoG and Shipwrecked, gentle seasons: 20 days, harsh seasons: 16 days. Hamlet, each season: 12 days.

Here we have a 72 day year for all worlds, with Hamlet's seasons cycling through twice. Lunar cycle loops cleanly every other year.

I'd probably have to be dreaming to expect to find this in the world gen settings, but there'd be no need for that if only consoles had access to console commands (kinda ironic, innit?). Heck, at current, I can't even make a Hamlet compatible world in RoG on Switch without autumn only lasting 13 (iirc) days, it's essentially unplayable, but it'd be no problem at all if I could fix it myself via the console, so how 'bout you be a pal and enable that for us? All modern platforms can support a keyboard if it's plugged into it, so I don't see any reason not to.

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