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they should change the cooldown mechanics for willow's affinity skills

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i don't think either of them ever needed a cooldown. shadowfire was really only great for quick single target burst damage, lunarfire did less dps than a darksword and needed you to stand still for max damage + slowed your movement down, and both required killing a stupid amount of spiders and bees if you wanted to use either skill for your main form of damage. but if they really had to have one the current one is probably the most boring way they could've done it.

I feel that instead of having a 14-20 second cooldown where you just can't use either skill, maybe casting either skill again during the cooldown decreases willow's temperature instead, that way you can still spam it in fights but it requires slightly more strategy like having to stand inside a fire and it makes willow's extra freezing damage downside more impactful throughout the year. idk maybe they could also increase the damage willow takes from freezing if people still think either of the skills are op


idk im pretty sure there's only like a week left in the beta but like still ill be delusional and hope that they change the cooldown mechanics for willow it sucks so bad


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