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Perhaps Willow should increase the difficulty of obtaining embers instead of increasing CDs

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Firstly, Willow's ultimate skill is not beyond the standard. Although Moon Fire can quickly clean up small monsters, its output is not high for individual monsters. If it is only used to clean up small monsters, then Windy is better at this. Moreover, using Moon Fire can also affect movement, which is not practical in some boss battles. Using Moon Fire means suffering more damage. Shadow Fire is very practical for attacking individual monsters, but it costs too much and often loses damage. If I use it to deal a 10000 health boss, I need to prepare two or more sets of members, which will waste a lot of time. Of course, you may say that using spiders and bees can quickly obtain embers. Yes, that's why I brought up my topic. In fact, Willow's skills are not beyond the standard. What exceeds the standard is the mechanism of using spiders and bees to brush embers.

If we change the mechanism for obtaining embers from Willow to the following condition: 1 Creatures with no more than 100 health have a 50% chance of dropping embers, such as spiders and bees. This means that a hive can only obtain 3 embers, and if using the ignition skill costs 4 embers, it will lose 1 member. Even if multiple beehives are placed together, the efficiency of brushing embers will be greatly reduced, and it requires more skills. 2. Creatures with health greater than 100 but less than 500 drop an member, such as pig humans and dogs. 3. Creatures with health greater than 500 drop two members, such as Clockwork Monsters. More drops are used to compensate for the early ember acquisition of the Willow. Otherwise, there may not be enough embers to use when the Willow enters the underground in the early stage. It is dangerous to fight against them. Therefore, obtaining more members is necessary. The number of clockwork monsters is limited, and it is unrealistic to use them to obtain embers and defeat bosses.

By modifying it this way, if Willow wants to use skills to defeat bosses, she needs to prepare for a very long time. This is an extremely boring thing, but it can meet daily use, and it also encourages Willow to defeat difficult enemies to obtain embers, which will be much more interesting than honeybees. The experience brought by adding CD is really terrible, especially for Shadow Fire. A skill that deals damage but cannot deal damage is useless.

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