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new Generic Controller settings not working

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Something changed in my controller settings today.

I have been playing DST with a PlayStation controller for the last several years. It showed up the settings as an XBox Controller, but never had any problems with it.  This morning I played for an hour or so as normal, then left for work.  This afternoon when I booted up the game my controller was not working properly.  There must have been some sort of update. When I went to settings I noticed that it changed and now it only has the option as Keyboard/Mouse and "Generic Controller". My XBox Controller setting is gone, not even a choice now.

I also noticed more on screen messages about controller buttons that had not been there before. 

The settings for generic controller do not work properly. When I try change the option to controller the menu just keeps scrolling to the left and will not even let me change the input style as needed.   Please help! This change today makes the game really unplayable.

I also went on Steam and checked the calibration of my controller to see if the controller itself was giving bad inputs. On Steam my controller seems to be working normally, no extra scrolling or erroneous inputs.

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