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Commander's helm to buff beefalo.

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My reasoning on why I think the commander helm is not good put next to the battle helm.


Commander's helm is supposed to be an upgrade compared to the regular helm, but that's not possible. Not unless you make them extremely easy to sustain and raise its defense to 85-90%. Why? Because Wigfrid already has the regular battle helm. It's and 80% armor which materials are abundant and easy to access. Meanwhile, the commander's helm has self-repair during battle and protection against knockback.

The self repair, okay. It's good for ocassional hits when farming basic creatures like volt goats, pigs, spiders, etc. They don't deal much damage and for how Wigfrid's regen work, both health and durability can regen quickly. Against bosses however, not much. Not only songs aren't as effective against bosses, but the health and durability taken is much more. To give you an idea, to repair a single hit from Dragonfly, healing song included, it takes you an entire hitless phase. It's unreasonable.

Commander's helm cannot compete with battle helm because battle helm is perfect for every combat situation until you get your hands on the better high tier armors. I think instead of having them compete with each other, it would be better to have the commander's helm have its own utility.  And I think that's as part of the beefalo skill branch. I think it would be good if commander's helm gave beefalos some buffs. I'm not quite sure on what could they be, but a character like Wigfrid needs strong reasons to use a mount that currently holds her back more than it helps her.

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