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New Ocean biome idea

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>Foggy island 


It's an island that always spawns in Hazardous waters. The island is covered in fog (not like the name gave it away). And the ocean surrounding it is filled with broken boat parts, so you'll know when you're near. The fog on the island can only be repelled by fire, so you'll have to use torches to explore. (this could give Wilson's torch skills much more uses!) 




The biome itself is filled with new hostile mobs, such as venomous scorpions (like in hamlet) and other jungle themed mobs. but somewhere on the island, there's a giant den, which you'll need to visit if you wanna be able to explore the rest of the island. as the fog beyond the den is too thick, and if you try to get through, your survivor will be engulfed by the fog, then teleported back to where you were with a sanity loss (kinda like the Lost Woods from breath of the wild) 




Putting meat outside of the giant den will awaken a new boss. (maybe similar to the Pugilisk from Hamlet?) Fighting the boss could be hard because of all the surrounding fog (again, makes Wilson's torch toss more useful) but if you succeed, you'll get an item that can remove all the fog, revealing a huge jungle with tons of new recorces, lost treasures and food sources. Like Peaches, which can either be cooked into High HP and sanity foods, or used in new crafts, like an improved tree jam, which transforms above average trees into Giant Canopy trees (but still without the spiders).


 also on the island, there's a temple, filled with lots of loot and enemies, kinda like a mini overworlds ruins


What do you guys think? 

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