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Suggestion for further optimization of the Wigfrid skill tree

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Commander's Helm,change the material to a battle helm +beefalowool+azure feather,
85%defense , consume inspiration to recover durability or recover faster.

Elding Spear,change to attract lightning and temporarily charge for 3 days.

Warrior’s Reprise,Reduce inspiration consumption and be able to use it to resurrect oneself after Wigfrid death

Beefalo,Wigfrid can ride a beefalo directly without the need for a saddle

Symmetric +5 planar defense, Wigfrid should increase +5 planar damage

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I think what you said about the changes to the commander helmet is reasonable, and it would be even better if the number of bird feathers I need to use could be reduced to 1 or 2. After all, I don't want to spend the whole winter hunting birds. In addition, your suggestion about the spear is in line with my thoughts. Overall, I think your ideas are very good, as they won't make Wigfrid too strong, but they will enhance the playability of her skill tree.

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