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Wigfrids skill tree is very inconsistent (My thoughts how to fix that)

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Is it only me or is Wigfrids skill tree very wierd? i mean, spear is very good but you cant use it with shield because of swap cooldown. While riding on a beefalo you cant make use of eny other of her skills, you lose dmg bust, you cant use her weapons. Plus new helmet is just slightly better than old one and doesnt provide anything special exept knockback resistense. It would do much more sence if new spear, shield and new helm were Wigfrids armor set that would give player buffs. Like if you swap shield and spear there would be no cooldown on use to make it rewarding to use shield on time. You could nerf shield and add upgradeded version to not give us that early tool that strong, and make upgraded version able to repair. I still dont see how beefalo skills could work because Wigfrid dont need beefalo in first place. Its like giving beefalo skill tree to Wolfgang. You can kill everything with your super duper character or you can sit on beefalo. You obviously will choose first option especially when you give her funny to use tools. This is first major beta hotfix so i hope to see something that will make my favorite valkyrie better and funnier to play as.

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