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The cool down kills the joy out of willow affinities

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Other people have already showed how after the recent hotfix, willows affinites are not longer usable, they went from a powerfull perk that required grind and skill to use to an incredibly niche ability worth while in a few scenarios.

Previously the lunnar ability required a considerable grind of embers and as for each 7 times you wanted to perfom the ability you would have been sacrificing an inventory slot, this alone made it so realisticly the ability couldnt be used as a main dps, not to mention its dps was less than a darksword.

On top of that the ability can be easily interrupted by enemies and casting it (on keyboard and mouse) its very tricky as you need to walk towards the attacker to direct it, fun fact the shield effect of fuelweaber can interrupt your animation if you a tiny bit to close to him.

The lunnar perk in particular was already balanced, in fact most people agreed that it needed a tweak or two, regarding the casting and the staggering.

Now sadly is not usable, sure you can use it and wait 20 seconds between castings, but thats gonna take so much time and its gonna be so boring that you might as well use the same methods you have always use until now, saddest part is that you can not even use a combination of the two because if you go the traditional way, using the flames is just a downgrade from the method you are using.

Instead of that we got an unnecesary nerf that serves nothing but making the ability not worthy.The cooldowns add nothing, they are not a handycap that forces you to play smarter, willow does not have that much power that you needed to nerf her best perks.


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