Loving the beta......

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Thanks Klei loving the beta. Some ideas I have.Landmarks Just some interesting monuments or structures that don't necessarily perform any function other than breaking up the tedium of the same swamp, dessert, forest, grasslands. Would add greatly to the sense of discovery and exploration.Booby Traps. Keep the spiders out at night.Boats.Boats that are incredibly expensive to research and make. But can allow you to sail from island to island and also could have non contiguous pieces of land that have rare items or other interesting things to see.1 more vital to maintain.Hunger is great maybe thirst or moral as well? Decrease the amount of spiders in a swarm and add a venom debuff that can only be cured with a crafted antidote.Love the game. Very excited to see what you have in store for future updates.Thanks again!

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