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Skill trees are pretty good

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I think I'm a big skill tree liker so maybe I am more willing to say they are good, but besides like some number tweaks they are pretty good. Some info beforehand so you know where I come from. 
I have played ds and dst for as long I can remember and I have watched the power creep that has been in the game for a while now. I don't think this was done because they wanted to make survivors stronger but more interesting. The skill trees are peak interesting and I like to think of modular development that allow them to give a survivor perks that might be kind of weird to make part of the base kit. 
I also think that perks should reset with the world and should be unlocked by killing bosses but the way they work now it fine I guess. Also planer damage is actively hurting the game and is not fun. 

Wigfrid is good. Her skill tree by comparison should not be amazing and its not. Really is just a few crafts and a song that is useless for the majority of players. I don't think the rider tree is anything more then flavor and is not even a little bit strong. At best its something like woodies extra tame time with pigmen that you never even realize. Extra planer dmg is nice but its only a little and the saddle is I think just not goo as you shouldn't be letting the beef get hit at all. For the songs the song case is nice, the cooldown change is alright but the cd could be shorter, and the new song is really good if you actually play this game with people. Extra planer defense is just so her defense perk is not almost worthless in the post rif encounters. New crafts are cool, they are too expensive for my blood but it seems like you are not supposed to craft more then a few of them as they both have ways to be repaired. A qol for them would be nice if with the perks to make them be able to be repaired if they didn't break at 0%. Shield is whatever. I don't think the shield weapon type is very good and this continues that trend. Losing durability when you get hit is really bad for a survivor that tanks so much. Really wish Wigfrid had gotten a planer dmg boost like Wolfgang. I guess the new spear kinda does that but I think it ends up doing less then a bright shade sword.

Willow is another good skill tree and probably where the most tweaking needs to be done. The ember system is pretty cool if not a little clunky right now. Sucking up embers need you to have your lighter out and preform another action while its out. The radius is also really small like you need to be on top of the ember to suck it up. The skills themselves are pretty alright. Fire spreading prevention is like really nice until you realize you need to make crock pots, or make drying racks, or feather pencils..... Making the no fire spread exclusive to the lighter is a fine fix for this. I would like burn duration to go up slightly just to make combustion 1 "hit" a regular spider right now it survives with like 10 health. Spiders are a nothing mob so having them live after casting a magic spell is so lame. Spells are all fine. I see some complain that burning frenzy is too weak and i agree but not everything needs to be the best of the best, but a simple buff would be to give willow a fire aura that makes mobs that hit her catch fire for like 10 seconds. This helps get rid of the weird juggling you need to do. Combustion is cool but it's targeting is weird I think it just hitting every non player entity would be fine. The mini star is nice and almost perfect. The lighter light buffs are noob traps, but if thats what you want then you do you. Bernie got some buffs, more health is cool, the regen seems bugged and wont activate sometimes. I think its caused by activating Bernie by just running past him while he is on the ground, or it just is really slow. The sanity thresh hold ones seem good and they kinda are but it makes him so much harder to pick up as you need to get to over half and you cant just kill a shadow creature. One major issue is this man no matter what YOUR sanity is will kill shadow creatures. Its good to farm nightmare fuel, but after your third stack in before you even make a shadow manipulator and you needed to make a sewing kit because he constantly keeps dying to terror beaks, you don't actually care for it anymore. speed is actually really good because this bear will constantly fall behind as he stops to DRAW AGRO FROM SHADOWS. Also for alignment. You pick lunar. WIth Bernie always attacking shadows and the lunar fire being so strong there is zero reason to pick shadow right now. Shadow is actually fine. If you farm the embers to kill a boss with this then you could just use gunpowder. Lunar fire on the other hand is a lot of damage for very cheap. The major downside to lunar fire is you are not very safe, but armor is op in this game and you can usually cheese bosses by using a boat.  (btw Willow destroys crabking rn so epic win) and I think you get the 10% dmg to shadow creatures that is always useful. 

TLDR WIllow needs a tune up Wigfrid is almost completely fine  

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