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Wortox Skilltree Idea

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Taking as an example Woodworm has no shadow alignment and probably Maxwell will not have a lunar one, I suggest that Wortox should have not an alignment at all. Since he is an outsider and can leave whenever he pleases, he doesn't owe neither loyalty nor obedience to either shadow or lunar alignments. So besides focusing on some perks for the character, His "alignment" perks should be focused on himself only, unlocking after a certain branch is developed, and only one can be picked. Of course, he still needs to do other endgame contests.

Something like being mischievous and kill other bosses like Queen Bee, Toadstool, or Klaus. other focusing on Trick-o-Treat, trading a certain amount of items with Pearl, King Pig, Antlion or the Queen Monkey. And another one focusing on his true nature of being kind.

Here's an example of what I talking about:

First tab: Souls

  • The maximum amount of souls he can gather increases to 40
    • Doubles the hunger restoration per soul
    • Wortox no longer drops half the souls he has when reaches the maximum amount, instead, he drops only 5.
    • Wortox can store souls in his main backpack, souls start to spoil in 3 days if they are outside Wortox for too long. (Other survivors can't interact with his souls besides releasing them or moving them to other slots).
  • Wortox heals more health points per soul
    • Wortox can cast soul magic, unlocking the first ability to heal other entities from far away.
    • Unlock the ability confuses enemies, making them panic
    • Unlock the ability to create a portal for a few seconds for other survivors the next time Wortox soul jumps.


  • Soul Affinity: have 6 points on Soul tab and don't have any other ability unlocked.
    • Task I: Queen Bee.
    • Task II: Collect 300 souls without dying.
      • If Wortox could take fatal damage, he drops half of the souls he has instead and heals half that amount; 2 in-game day cooldown.


Second tab: Mischief

  • Wortox gains the ability to craft certain items to plank mobs and players alike: the first items allow non-wortox players to put a trap in chests to damage anyone who opens or destroys it. (similar to the explosive trap for the crimson chest that sets nearby items to burn, except that it only damages creatures)
    • Nearby traps put by Wortox (chest's plank, tooth trap and Bee mines) deal 50% damage
    • Wortox has a small chance to gain an additional soul from enemies; 1.2x multiplier for naughtiness
      • Increases the chances to gain souls from enemies; 1.5x multiplier for naughtiness
      • Doubles the soul gathered per enemy perish nearby Wortox; 2x multiplier for naughtiness
    • Wortox becomes immune to drop items for mobs (like monkeys or frogs) and his attack makes them drop their inventory if they have.
      • If Wortox deals fatal damage to enemies, he has a small chance to get a trinket from them
      • Doubles the chance to get trinkets


  • Mischief Affinity: have 6 points on Mischief tab and don't have any other affinity unlocked.
    • Task I: Kill Klaus
    • Task II: Collects 8 different trinkets
      • Wortox gains the ability to open a small vendor portal that exchanges trinkets for other imps goods. rare items like Krampus' sacks, beefalo and goat's horns, and a few more.

Third tab: Kindness


  • Wortox can befriend and tame Beefalos even in heat.
    • Wortox can befriend Catcoons and they are no longer hostile to Wortox
    • Wortox can befriend Pigs and Bunnyman they are no longer hostile to Wortox
    • Wortox's souls can heal followers.
  • Wortox has less penalty for mortal food
    • Wortox gains the ability to restore armor duration with souls
    • Once a soul heals nearby players, an eco soul heals half of the amount restored a second a bit after
    • Souls have 2 ecos one after the other.


  • Kindness Affinity: have 6 points on Kindness tab and don't have any other affinity unlocked.
    • Task I: Kill Toadstool
    • Task II: Have in inventory Gloomer's flower, a tamed Beefalo's bell, and friendly fruit fly fruit at the same time
      • Give Wortox the ability to see tame beefalos and followers' souls for one in-game day. Wortox can revive followers using a telltale heart, Special followers like Gloomer or Chester bound to items can be revived by interacting with their items for a few souls.




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