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Make Chest skins be usable for scaled chests.

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So, I love the idea of using scaled chests. That way, you can show off how cool and rich you are. However, you should be able to make scaled chests use the same skins of normal chests, since they are practically the same thing. They have done this in the past with things like the walking cane and telelocator staff, so why not with chests.

After all, when you hover over the chest with your mouse, it should still say "scaled chests." So you wouldn't really be losing anything. The both practically do the exact same thing except one is fireproof. If you are going to do this with the telelocator staff and the walking cane (which have far greater differences between them than the scaled chest and normal chest) then you should do it with other similar items too. There are not really any good skins for the ugly scaled chest.


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