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A bit of feedback on willow skill tree

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Bernie attacking neutral nighmare creatures makes little sense

-has no synergy between  patch up and bernie sane skills since he will lose any recovered health by constantly attacking those shadows

-bearnie sane skill entire point its nullified since he will still attack those neutral shadows or be completed distracted by them witch makes him much less useful to kill mobs other than shadows (witch is the point of the skill no...?)

>maybe the behavior of attacking those neutral shadows should be tied to the hot-headed skill so that he doesn't lose the abillity to  protect others players willed you're not insane yourself?

The lighter durability increasing by 1% for every absorbed fire is a bit meaningless  since you can drop individual items on the ground and them lighten with the flame cast skill them absorb the fire to recover durability a lot faster

Controled burned its still cooking food of defeated enemies witch it should be preventing this no?

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