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Make Wigfrid be a warrior on beefalo's back

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Compared to Willow the Flame God, Wigfrid's skills appear to lack imagination. Since Wigfrid can increase the speed of taming beef, but most of the time, Wigfrid doesn't need a beef. Why not Let Wigfrid use her spear to poke enemy during the beefalo horn attack, and her attack speed can be reduced as cost

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1. Wigfrid is a warrior, but this update deviates from the original intention of being a warrior with the Bull's linkage. It can even be said that Wigfrid has no connection with the warrior on the Bull's back, and it makes Wigfrid's positioning more and more inclined towards being a tool person. In this era where other characters are getting stronger and Wigfrid's status is getting lower, relatively speaking, this update weakens Wigfrid's single player ability.

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