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Research, meals, and wheels

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First off, big congrats to the ONI dev team for a gem of a game. I have played for hundreds of hours without getting bored. But surely I can't be the only one to have spotted two mistakes on the research screen? First - under GASES/PRESURE MANAGEMENT we have a LIQUID valve. Second - under LIQUIDS/FLITRATION we have a GAS FILTER. Could it possibly be these are the wrong way round?

Meals: I know this doesn't affect gameplay but isn't it about time the dupes' mealtime antics are updated? No matter the actual quality of a meal, they all spit and gag. It's about time they reacted appropriately, perhaps rubbing their nicely full tummies or burping appreciation at an excellent grilled pacu with gristleberry sauce. Part of the charm of the game is the animations and I want to see them enjoy the exotic food I have trained them to prepare.

Wheels: specifically waterwheels or hydroelectric turbines if you want to sound brainy. I'd really like to see this early technology that converts gravity-fed liquid into power. Build a waterwheel into a vertical tunnel then let a liquid pour down it driving a turbine that produces electricity. Clean and simple. Of course, you'd need to ensure that you couldn't pump the stuff back up again for less than the power output but that is not beneath the devs' mathematical capabilities.

You are doing a great job guys, adding new content and such. But please don't neglect the fundamental graphical animations that add so much to the character and feel of the game and consign them to the "job done" box.

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The spit and gag animation is supposed to only play if there were food poision germs on the food they ate, but there is a bug that they do it without germs on the food anyway.

gravity powered waterwheels would just be free power due to the fact you can make unpowered door pumps with automation to push the water back up or use an escher waterfall into an infinite storage to automatically create a fountain pushing the water up via its internal pressure

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