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Interest Attribute Modifier (IAM) weird quirks

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So... can anyone correct me on this? I not sure why, but it seems it's possible to roll duplicants with IAM's that shouldn't be teorically possible.


Let's say, for example, you get a two interest Duplicant - Digging and Supplying, it comes in with +3 in both interests naturally.

It's traits is Skilled: Critter Ranching 1 and Undigging.

Critter Ranching gives -4 IAM and Undigging +3. So the duplicant should have +2 in one stat and +3 in another, but still, they have +3 on both!

Is this a bug? Or a weird quirk? Can duplicants get insane comboes, like Skilled: Critter Ranching I + Kitchen Menance and stil retain their +1, +3 or +7 on stats? I would really like to know!

Oh, also, my only mods are "No Teleport Achievement Lockout" and "Pip Plant Overlay"


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5 hours ago, BombermanBart said:

Yep, that's what I noticed. So the game just allows you to be on a "net positive"? Kinda funny

I guess its mostly a balance feature. Having dupe with "positive" interests and open skill is quite good on start. But later this dupe become less useful comparing with others: after 100 cycle they have more skill points than they need, while having simple "+3 to interest" skill allows dupe to break +20 interest limit... And for that exact dupe its not possible, poor Lindsay doomed to stay at +20 forever

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