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New Story Idea: Build a Satellite Monument / Add power core from crashed satellite making it radioactive

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When creating decent radiation sources on multiple asteroids usually I fall back to creating shine bug reactors.  The issue is that game performance suffers when there are a lot of shine bug critters that have their movement restricted to 1x1 areas multiplied by the number of asteroids that have been populated.

Extracting the power core from a crashed satellite could deactivate the radiation at that location and plausibly give an opportunity to create a new satellite monument at a different location.  The power core could be an item similar to an artefact that can be placed on a pedestal.  Could have a lot of fun transporting the power core if it generates radiation that damages dupes but will not be recognized by a radbolt generator or it emits those radioactive contaminant germs and occasionally nuclear waste droplets. Radioactove germs might not be challenging enough possibly zombie germs.

The story would involve building a new satellite monument.  Lots of options regarding how difficult this is made by requiring high material volumes or rare materials.  Also could require high skilled dupes from different categories to interact with the satellite during the  construction process.

After construction completion the colony has a decoration building.  However final step - adding the power core from an existing old crashed satellite could trigger a disaster that causes the new satellite monument become a radioactive source.

I thought that story option for this idea would allow players the option to enable or disable the relocation of radioactive sources in their playthroughs.



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