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Deers and World settings

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I can see why they're not though. They essentially only exist as a boss mechanic. They appear in Autumn, grow antlers in Winter, you chase them into trees to take their antlers, which you use on the Loot Stash to summon Klaus. Whether you engage with them or not, they disappear by or around Spring. The only way you get persistent no-eye deer is from the two gem deer that are liberated after beating Klaus.

If no eye deer are set to none, that'd completely lock you out of fighting Klaus, and over time you can essentially get the place as crowded as you like with no eye deer by leaving the ones that are left after the fight alone, and if necessary and you feel so inclined, defending them things that would attack them. Oddly enough, while they'll bolt when you attack them, they have no reaction to being attacked by other creatures. If anything, that's what I'd change about no eye deer. Have them bolt from attacks from any source, and maybe give them a slow passive health regeneration effect.

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