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I think it would be neat and helpful if we had the ability to build ramp tiles. These would be half of one tile split along the diagonal, so a right triangle basically that could be rotated. Debris would be unable to sit on these tiles; it would slide one tile over depending on which way the slant was aligned. Liquid would not be able to pool on these tiles either, instead flowing down the same way debris would but without leaving puddles that have to be mopped.

Using ramp tiles, you could direct falling debris sideways and down, instead of just downwards like if something is dropped on a ladder tile. You could build multiple ramp tiles in a diagonal fashion at the bottom of a base to direct all debris to a single tile for example. Imagine all the saved dupe labor if your infinite storage area filled itself! 

Also you could allow dupes to travel down the tiles like a slide, but only one way (no crawling upwards on a ramp unless it followed the current gap/climbing rues of one tile sideways and two tiles vertically). You could set the movement speed to be half of what it is currently down a fire pole and even give them a neat animation with their arms up like they were having fun sliding down. maybe the same animation as when they are showering? 

It could be a basic research tier or include it with the fire pole research. What would be really neat is if you could make ramps out of any other tile types: mesh, airflow, insulated, etc. Radiation blocking could be half of whatever type of tile normally is. 

Having a passive way to shift debris and liquids sideways would add some creative mechanics I believe. I'm not sure how loose debris like sand or mud or falling regolith would work though. Slide all the way to the "bottom" of the ramp and stack on a single tile vertically or spill across multiple tiles depending on volume?

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