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Wolfgang skill tree is bland

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woodie's skill try is nearly perfect. Sad that it removes the few downsides he has but well, atleast made with fun

Wolfgang's skill tree is just few concepts divided in many nodes... 5 nodes for the gym perk which is niche, 5 for the planar damage perk which is a must and 3 for the faction peri... that is already 13 nodes and 8 of them are just damage buff

i get that is difficult to come with ideas for a basic and strong character but you did a good job with woodie and wormwood, i hope you revisit his skill tree to reduce the number of repeated skills and give to him crafts of improved sailing or temperature management perks. You can even add the ability to throw statues/boulders to do massive AoE damage, at this point what ever flavour perk you think about

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