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Have you heard about the rabbit on the moon?

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A happy little rabbit that was reborn with moon magic and designed using the Varg model. This little fella perished due to surrounding rabbits being territorial, such a sharing their food. Being the smallest of the bunch isn't easy. After searching the grassland for resources, Wilson comes across the rabbit being harassed by the others. Wilson rushes towards them to try and break up the fight. Not being fast enough, the rabbit dies. Cursing at himself, Wilson tries to find a way to help the poor thing. Curious, he tries to do the unthinkable and bring the rabbit back to life, just like the other mobs being possessed by the Brightshade Gestalts. Surprisingly, it worked. However, it drained Wilson's power and strength for a whole moon cycle. Now, being reborn, the rabbit continues to be happy with their new feline friend. This is what I had written for this rabbit design, I'd be surprised if the makers of DS designed another look for the rabbits after this model, considering how I've foreshadowed the other designs before the "Host of Horrors," update already. I really wish for that to happen...

You can find me on Instagram at Badtimezart


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