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Looking for Insight on how to get the code of a base character's abilities to work on a fresh template

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I'm new to modding and am *very* new to programming but I understand the basic of working with them template character and getting that running in game but I'm very lost on how to import scripts properly without causing crashes. Currently I wanted to find a way to take all of Wortox's abilities. To save headache of building all of the things Wortox can do from the ground up, I was really hoping to find a solution for taking his code and patch-workin it into a template character and going from there. Kind of like the "Whisky" mod by Mentos https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2858309592 . It takes all of Webbers kit while adding large weaknesses and new crafts and abilities! Thats something I would really Like to do. If there is any advise for how to go about this or maybe it's just not really do-able to borrow code from Wortox just due to how many parts his lua calls for then I don't know.

Thanks for reading!

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I'd admit it is a headache, too. For example I copied Woodie's ability, his lua file has 1800 lines, and after cleaning up and rewriting variables,  the remnant are 1200 lines, while my main character file has only 700 lines. Plus 400 lines of stategraph.

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