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Opportunity in Lunar Hail (Winter 2.0?)

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I love the idea of lunar hail, but the way it's currently implemented is less than ideal and can be expanded upon.

First of all, lunar frogs should only fall during frog rain if lunar hail is active. This would make a bit more sense than them just appearing in normal frog rain and makes lunar hail a bit more unique. I'm not sure if frog rain can even take place during lunar hail though. Another easy tweak to improve the hail is to make it happen in Winter. To account for this, lunar hail should be made much rarer in other seasons. This change makes sense thematically, as the lunar hail is hail after all, and would stop normal rain from being replaced often in other seasons.

One of my more ambitious ideas is to add some ways that the lunar hail affects the world. Moon glass boulders would fall occasionally during lunar hail (more often in meteor fields) and "melt" shortly after it is over. Sometimes, items may be trapped in these, which can be mined out before it melts. Occasionally, a nasty surprise in the form of a brightshade gestalt may even escape the boulders upon mining them. Any moonglass boulders that fall on structures can also trap these, making them usable until the boulder melts or is mined. On the ocean, islands of moonglass would form, trapping boats located within them. These plains can be broken with a pickaxe or by ramming into them quickly with a boat. They will also melt after a season. I don't really know what the purpose of these would be but I think it has potential.

Finally, in my opinion the lunar hail looks a bit plain, and should be made to look as scary as it is (godly force acting on the constant). To achieve this, a rumbling should occur before being followed by heavy hail. This would be somewhat similar to rainworlds rain, striking the ground at an angle and scattering hail everywhere:


This would make the hail feel a lot more apocalyptic and scary. This new hail is obviously a bit more dangerous, and could maybe have a chance of hurting players without headgear or an umbrella? I get that people may find that invasive.

Also it would extra funny if frogs skidded across after being flung at it at an angle during frog hail.

Yes, I am aware that some of these ideas may be ambitious.

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