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To developers who may love nature

I like building colonies without mining asteroids as much as possible. I also like having Pip plant the leftover seeds in random places.

In addition to "development = reducing nature" through collection and mining, if ONI could do more to "regenerate = increase nature" by returning the collected and mined resources to their natural state, the game would be able to offer more diverse ways to enjoy.

Therefore, I propose nature regeneration skill.

This skill is a type of skill that Duplicatants can acquire with skill points. Nature regeneration skill offer players new ways to enjoy nature, such as restoring nature, using them to change the look of a room, or creating habitats for new plants and animals. The word "regeneration" used here means "returning plants and resources to their natural state."

・To regenerate nature, you need Duplicatants with the skill and an inventory of seeds and resources.
・The mass of resources required to regenerate one square of resources is determined.
・Duplicants gain +2 regeneration skill for each skill level. As Duplicants skill level increases, Duplicants can complete playback tasks faster.

★Skill level
・Level 1
Any seed can be planted anywhere. It will be easier to understand if you think of this as an advanced version of Pip's skill.
・Level 2
Resources other than metals and ores, such as organic matter (sludge, green algae), soil, sand, manure, mud, etc., can be regenerated in any vacant space.
・Level 3
Metals and ores can be regenerated in any vacant location.
・Level 4
Duplicants who reach this level will be able to create a nature regeneration machine. It is a machine that works in the exact opposite way to a mining machine, regenerating resources where there are none.

★Play image
1. There is a regeneration tool in the same area as the mop tool. When the player clicks on it, the resource will be displayed and selected.
2. After selecting the resource, click the location or specify the range you want to regenerate.
3. Once specified, skilled Duplicatants will do the work.

・Change in appearance
Just like changing Duplicants' clothes and hats, players can also enjoy changing the appearance of room tiles by making them with specific resources.

・Exceptional mass increase bonus
The mass of naturally existing organic matter does not increase, but the mass of organic matter regenerated by Duplicants with regeneration skill increases slightly with each cycle. It is also a new way to secure resources using natural regeneration.

Even if there are no resources in stock to regenerate, if the player specifies the resource and location they want to regenerate, Duplicates will regenerate as soon as the resource is available.

・Creating the environment necessary for the reproduction of animals and plants
ーPlants that cannot be grown on cultivation tiles and can only live on specific resource tiles.
ーAn animal that can only live in a room surrounded by specific resources.
ーAnimals that only build nests on specific resource tiles.

like above,If there are plants and animals that have a limited growing environment and provide something useful to the player, the player will have an incentive to regenerate resources.

Also, if the resources necessary for those plants and animals are available only on other asteroids, player can have fun by mining the resources and moving them to player home planet to recreate the environment.

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