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Refuellable buckets-o-poop

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9 hours ago, Jakepeng99 said:

Kinda op.

I know. That's why I tried to offset it with the 20% refuel rate, you technically need more manure to refill one than to craft one. It's mainly the boneshards and wood that you end up saving. Maybe dropping manure refill to 15% per manure, and 20% per Guano? I just want it to make sense for refilling a bucket.

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It makes enough sense to give bonus usages to compensate for the other crafting materials, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it in the first place, but for refueling, I would try for a closer match for value. 10 uses, each use double the potency of manure. If we were to make it an exact match, it would make sense for guano to refill 10%, and manure to refill 5%. Might not be very attractive at first glance, but when you consider it offers a way to consolidate manure and guano into one inventory slot, it does have some appeal to it.

We could go farther. Let's say a bucket-o-poop at 0% becomes a bucket-o-nothin', and using rot, compost, or similar would turn it into a bucket-o-muck (with percentage added based on the potency of the item given) which works the same on wild plants, but adds compost value rather than manure value, or using a Glommer's Goop, Tree Jam, or Compost Wrap would turn it into a bucket-o-goop which adds all values.

Let's go a bit further still. Let's say that instead of just being able to drop it on the ground, we also have the option to place it tipped over, or placed overturned, and nearby plants will draw nutrients from it automatically, with the shape of its range based on how it's placed. Overturned: a radius, tipped over: a cone.

There's a lot of room for improvement with this item, but even just the first, making it refillable, would be plenty worth appreciating.

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