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Maybe Ice crystaleyezer need a little bit of tweaking?

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So I just head into summer first time after this update and tried out the new crystaleyezer. I thought I would be able to maintain my temperature above 0 degree outside of the range of ice aura, but the answer is no and the freezing range is as large as lightning rod which is very annoying.

The incovenient it brought is more than the benefit, thus I just take off the eye and get back to using flingo and moon caller.

I feel like if it can maintain the area's temperature above 0 degree, then it will be more useful.

Just giving out my thought, ty.

Oh btw, it is actually good at killing your Wanda friends if you remember their teleport point, since most of good Wanda player will maintain their health low, and freezing can interupt their healing ;)

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