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Challenge mode that can be cleared in a short time

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To developers and players who are going through trial and error

In ONI and SO, players create colonies through trial and error and learning. I believe that if there is a challenge mode that specializes in this "trial-and-error and learning" part and allows you to complete various tasks in a short amount of time, games can provide new fun to players.

★Specific image of challenge mode
Rooms and challenges are presented as shown in the attached image, and the player clears them through trial and error. The size of the room depends on the task.

・Challenge mode: task level 1
"Please move the Duplicatants to their destination on the right bank."


Tiles are the only items players can make in this room. By completing this challenge, players will learn the following:
・Duplicants cannot move 3 squares vertically.
・You can make a path with tiles
・Duplicants can be moved to any location


Challenge 2 is in the same room as challenge 1, and limits the number of tiles that can be made to 3. By completing the game, the player learns that the Duplicatants can move by skipping tiles.


In this way, the difficulty of the tasks will gradually increase.

・The great thing about challenge mode is that it doubles as a lesson. Players can apply what they learn in challenge mode to creating a colony.
・It takes time to create a colony, but this mode does not require dozens or hundreds of cycles to complete a single task, so players who want to play quickly and casually will be delighted.

For tasks for beginners (such as tasks 1 to 10), it is recommended that the time required to solve one task is 5 minutes or less. As the difficulty of the tasks increases, more trial and error and advanced knowledge are required. However, the time taken is not necessarily proportional to the difficulty level.

If players don't know the answer, they can also see a model answer (completed screen). No, you have to consider whether you can see it or not.

You can also create puzzle-like challenges by limiting the equipment and quantity that can be created. You can also create time attack tasks with time limits.

Some of the games distributed on Steam are physics simulation games in which players can upload their own maps with clear conditions, and other players can subscribe to and play the map.

If ONI could do the same thing, developers and players would have a huge amount of playable game content.

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If a player is playing the game for the first time, I think it would be a good idea to first learn the basics of how to play in the beginner's version of the challenge mode, and once that is cleared, the main game will begin.

Casual gamers who suddenly start the main game but don't know what to do will be less likely to quit the game. In fact, I stopped playing ONI after the first 15 minutes and thought I'd never play this game again. The rest of the story will be omitted.

Of course, the challenge mode should be able to be skipped for players who want to play the main game sooner.

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