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Redesigning oxygen-related goals

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To developers who are with oxygen

The game name is Oxygen Not Included.
However, among the colony's goals and achievements in the game, the only one related to oxygen is ``distribute 1000 kg of oxygen through the ventilation hole''. I think it's a very sad situation. I think it would be better to have more goals and achievements regarding oxygen.

So, I'll list the ideas I came up with in order of difficulty.

️Level 1
・Generate oxygen using machinery or equipment.

️Level 2
・Fill one gas reservoir with oxygen.
・Generate a specified amount of oxygen (for example, 100 kg) using cultivated oxyfern.

️Level 3
・Do not cause allergic reactions due to contaminated oxygen over a specified cycle (for example, 500 cycles).
・Oxygen production exceeds consumption over a specified cycle (e.g. 500 cycles).

️Level 4
・Raise the proportion of oxygen to 80% or more of all gases inside the asteroid, excluding outer space.

️Level 5
・Over a specified cycle (e.g. 500 cycles), the amount of oxygen produced by the native Oxyfern exceeds the amount of oxygen consumed by the Duplicants.
・Make it possible to terraform the space above the asteroid and increase the oxygen ratio in that space to over 80%.

All goals should be to count only pure oxygen and not contaminated oxygen.

Currently, there are three major goals in the game: ``Enjoy Home'' ``Great Escape'' and ``Space Archeology''. It would be interesting to add "May the Oxygen be with you" to that.

*I wrote this on the SO forum, but the proposal also applies to the base game.

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